Monday, August 18, 2014

S.O.S Summer 2014

SUNDAY OPEN STUDIO………With Ryan F Kennedy

I am opening the studio doors one last time before heading to Australia to continue work with international gallery Fehily Contemporary. An intimate invitation to view and interact with works alongside the artist, both the studio and garden will showcase new indoor and outdoor sculptures. Summer 2014 brought new woven metal works, video and time pieces all on exhibit with many for sale.

"Join me and uncover the process behind these and other works as questions are encouraged." RFK

Sunday, AUG 24TH



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Screen Sonnets


Screen Sonnet : A moving film of poetry typically composed of;
                                          video, sounds, sets, costumes, performers and text.


"Hey Young Buck Let Me Tell You Something"


"To Justify"

"To The Wonder"

"And Only We"

New Poems

to justify
is to rationalize
is to apologize

is unjustified
is to buy the lies
is to ask the whys
of unmindful tries
that realize & not actualize

why we, justify
to justify
to apologize & rationalize
to be unjustified

when we, buy the lie

and ask the whys
of unmindful tries unactualized
when we realize are we wise?

cause we, justify
to justify
the rationalized & apologized
lies we buy

and ask the whys of mindless tries
the realized & unactualized
whys we whys


and ask the question

are we wise?


whats inside

an equitable division
     of seeing split vision
amidst our pasts
     an unknown future casts.

here it comes, 
the most formidable &

      unforgivable, present

a swift & timely gift
of altering unity a shift.


waiting for the shift we harpooned the wind
exchanging vessels of blackish water for rancid butter

interminably & perhaps with deeper reason
this journey was to escape that which dominates
for the pace & ease of technology
        robs the world of diversity
        robs the person of intrinsic ability

reducing the search to sport
adventure to stunt

exploration is the personal quest
not to acquire specimens 
nor map the world
         such things are incidental 

as it is the way, that is worth the while
the moments along each mile

& to speak in any tongue of any travels 
         tarnishes their achievement

for finding peace in the hardship of the land
or uncovering the nothing on top of Everest you stand
non can be justified
nor materialized 

as experiences are not fixed
nor profitable

as they change
loose value
with every story. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Working Tidal -

Underwater Production Still (RFK, Ana Nieto and Ingrid Silva - *photo by Matthew Anderson)
This Summer has also brought serious production works in video, the largest of these is a collaborative work with artist Ingrid Silva. Still in the works this is a multi-sensory installation uses video, sound, tactile aspects, and scent to create the experience for the viewer...


"Engaging all senses this installation invites the audience to immerse themselves in the fluidity and trans-formative qualities of water. The luring scent of the sea welcomes viewers as they begin to experience the tactical low lying fog whilst a sea-scape of sound resonates around them.  Visual projections expressing duality, birth and submersion enhance the experience. This encompassing installation moves beyond the two dimensional carrying the audience on an emotional journey through the origins of life."

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Been a productive summer out in the Hamptons, NY this year, sculptures, video works and wall works all have brought new life to the studio.

Check out the Pics Below:

Steel, Copper & Brass for Weaving
RFK Hammering away!

Two New Wall Works (floor & wall)
New Works Showing Up Everywhere
Old Works Still Looking New

Sunday, April 27, 2014

To The Wonder....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paper or Plastic Install...

Pictures from the recent installation "Paper or Plastic" the four day process of installing the work at Fehily Contemporary.

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Paper or Plastic"

With a packed room for the opening "Paper or Plastic" ensconced its viewers with its detailed weaving. Pics and Video of the talk below:


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Print and Radio

Recent press from "The Leader" in Melbourne:

“I like that moment of hesitation, to mesmerise the viewer for a moment.” RFK

To read the full article click HERE and if your keen to tune into another interview I am doing a Radio session Friday March 28th @ 5pm (AES) at JOYFM click HERE to listen in.

More pics and press to come.