Tuesday, April 21, 2015



These works originated as a poem, which is becoming a sculpture scape and will be used in a performance work when completed. The poem is embroidered onto various panels of discarded wood and is then arranged in a water way as myself and another performer move about reciting the poem.

New Poem


This freedom which you speak of 
Is the right of a privileged few
Whose freedom is equally askew 
How freely they talk of how free they be
Yet shackles shackle their every plea
As This freedom
Is not free
For how costly it can be
no not free 
In fact Far from free
And more likely to be
A sort of Free-dumb
Yes Free-dumb
For freedom
Is free from
Free of agony free from pain
Free of judgement and disdain
Free from right and wrong
Free of ego’s song
Free of pleasure and joy
Free from dualities ploy 
Free from mind and heart
Free from the politics which tare apart
Free from verse and free of tense
Free from choice and consequence
Free of the perverse and reflective
Free of the individual perspective
Free of religion, the alter and skew
Free of the truth in our point of view
Free from homicide of genocide
Free from the lie that we decide
Free of belief and doubt
Of slow, fast in, and out
For freedom is free
And should cost nothing to be
Free from technology free from coal
Free hands     free soul
Free from listening to the demand
For Freedom is free from, do you understand?
For we are not free
As we are and yet barely be
For freedom
Is free from 
Free from guilt and shame
Free of responsibility and blame
Free from secrets and tears
Free of lies and fears
Free from loneliness and sex
Free of wanting what’s next
Free from the past future and now
Free of what, when, why and how
Free from the riots of people
Free of the control from a steeple 
Free from answers and decisions 
of questions and revisions
Free to think and right as we please
Free of the ills of life’s disease 
Yet in all this freedom that we voice
We are not free not even in choice
For freedom is dumb
Like An amateur wildly beating a drum

Freedom is dumb
Freedom is dumb 
Free dom is dumb
Free dom is dumb

For with it we have created and given
The tyranny of which we live in
The Freedom to make hurtful speech
Freedom to take and endlessly leech
Freedom to point our finger
& criticise the singer
Freedom to cast hate
And foolishly think we need tolerate
Freedom to spout as if we’ve the truth
Freedom to shout from a snipers booth
A Freedom where love can be torn
Freedom to praise and quickly scorn
Freed to be and act malevolent 
And disregard the benevolent
this freedom which we tell all to be
is an attempt , a guess a theory
a forgotten fallacy
lost at sea
well, don’t you see
that freedom 
is to be free
and to be free
is to no longer be
so go ahead for here’s the knife
and end this strife
for don’t you understand 
what is being said by I, the white man
that free-dumb is not free from
for freedom 
is free from
free from rights and the biased view
free from the dream and what is true

free is freeing me and freeing you

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Products and projects

From and for Lorne, Victoria

Working on a few proposals or the lorne sculpture prize along with some exciting new material. I found this amazing seaweed at the beach in lorne and began to do a few tests. My favorite of which is featured below, embroidered seaweed scrolled up into these ancient texts lost at sea. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lorne and beyond

Ventured down the great ocean road to visit Lorne and scope out the area for my application to the Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2016.

Returning with photos and a bit of skin like seaweed for some new ideas. 

Embroidered and rolled for the "dead sea scrolls" 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


After de-installing the work "#integration" i repurposed the install for South of Johnston. Below are the results which incorporate other woven elements as well as a second piece. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Above is the video element for the woven video installation #inegration.

What Goes Up Must Come Down...

and lucky enough for me to get another go around. De-installed the work at Melbourne City Library and then quickly re-purposed the work for a small install at my mate's cafe. South of Johnston in Collingwood.

Here are a few peaks from the de/re/install.

 City Library


SOJO (re-install)

Here is the full weave in all its fullness... 6 x 7m...

This work rested across the stairwell across from the main installation and could be seen upon entering on the lower level of the library.


With over 400,000 people attending this years White Night festivities it certainly was mayhem on the evening, though Melbourne City Library with "Biblioasis" provided shelter and a more intimate approach to the chaos of the streets.

8 pm doors open for the past hour and the steady stream of viewers begin...

9pm the sun is fully set and the video pops even more on the woven surface....

10pm people continue to enjoy using the UV lamps and uncovering more pathways....

5am on the people continue to enjoy the visual, tactile and interactive aspects of the work....